Contract Law

Bornholdt Lawyers includes in its performance history the efficient advice in negotiation, drafting of contracts and contract review related to the entire productive chain where their customers are inserted.

The constant technical update and the wide and diversified experience in the firm partners´ areas provide security and excellence sought after by all those who seek solidity in their internal contractual relations as well as with third parties.

The law firm philosophy lies in the understanding that in the signed contracts under their advisory, the legal technique must bear the client´s commercial expectations, keeping the needed balance between the compliance required by law and the efficiency in the results obtained through the formalization of business.

Encompassing the wide contractual advice, including corporate, commercial and consumer-related consulting, Bornholdt Lawyers has established, as mission in the Contract Law area, the increase in efficiency and profitability of its clients in the present while ensuring their rights and interests in the future.

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