Electoral and Election Law

Within its traditional role in the Public Law area, Bornholdt Lawyers enjoys extensive experience in advising parties and candidates in Federal, State and Municipal levels.

The partners dedicated to this area have specific training in the Constitutional area, keeping constantly up to date with regards to Jurisprudential Trends of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, which is today the main settlement body of elections.

The office acts both in the Preventive as well as in the Contentious field, defending their clients in any lawsuit (representations against political and party election broadcast, electoral investigation, candidacy registration impugnation, etc.), as well as advising for the conduction of electoral and party processes required by law (affiliation control, party fund, party act registration, etc.).

The electoral law area also has outstanding performance in the “post-election” period, by advising parties and candidates in the delivery of campaign accounting, as well as in the defense of its clients in impugnation of electoral mandate in virtue of political or economic power allegations.

In addition to these services, the law firm works actively before Audit Courts, once the issuing of the “Clean Record Law” classifies the rejection of administrator accounts as being the cause of ineligibility.

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