Oil and Natural Gas Royalties – Advisory on Public Entities, with a focus on Municipalities

The Bornholdt Lawyers team has recognized expertise in the defense of public entities, especially municipalities, in relation to questions regarding the receipt of royalties and other governmental participation from the production of oil and natural gas.

The firm is pioneer in this area in Brazil, performing for over a decade in the defense of its clients´ interests. The firm´s partners are often heard in the status of experts by the general and specialized news organizations, in matters involving the oil and natural gas market.

Apart from the educational background and professional experience from the partners dedicated to this area, Bornholdt Lawyers acts in academic and institutional environments related to the matter. The firm is an Effective Member of the Brazilian Institute for Energy Law – IBDE, an institution dedicated to technical and improvement studies, including Petroleum Law.

The firm´s Managing partner is Secretary General of the Association of Excluded Municipalities from the Granting of Oil and Gas Royalties – AMROY, a National Order entity, whose objective is to defend the interests of municipalities under banning or reduction of Royalty Revenues.

The services rendered in this area include Legal Advice consulting in the assessment of amounts transferred by the National Petroleum Agency, as well as the performance in judicial and administrative processes related to the receipt of values or the increase of royalty-related revenue and other governmental participations.

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