Private Law

Bornholdt´s Private Law sector acts on client support in their legal routines, especially with the elaboration, revision and permanent follow-up of the company´s contract performance.

The regular support to sales and procurement departments yields results by the building up of a legally safe relationship between our clients and their partners in the production and commerce chain, from consumers to suppliers, reaching out domestic and international contracts’ interests.

Bornholdt expertise in this area, noticeably in companies with multinational activity, turns out extremely efficient in bringing relevant economic gain, for reducing potential litigation risks and optimizing the internal relationships of market and their clients.

Recognized for its performance in highly complex judicial cases, our team acts in favor of the company’s interests in cases involving product liability, consumer´s rights, commercial disputes in general, patent infringement, credit recovery, etc.

In addition, Bornholdt´s team has a close performance with the companies’ Board of Directors, beaconing effective means to consolidate their functional attributions with the performed activities, as well as the risks inherent to such actions.